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Terry Scott, Co-Manager, Founder and Principal Inventor, has a diverse background in product design and development, manufacturing and machining. He began his career as an Electric Discharge Machinist and tool and dye maker. Mr. Scott quickly became a Master Machinist and worked for several companies including TOOLCO, Inc, JL&S, UPCO, and CCL until joining Stairmaster, Inc as Plant Manager. His position at Stairmaster included Manager of Research & Development and Manager of all phases of production. When he joined Stairmaster, they were a start up company and he help grow the company into a major manufacturer of state of the art exercise equipment. He led the Stairmaster manufacturing group while they grew from manufacturing 5 stair climbers per day to 100 per day in one year. He managed 4 employees when he started with Stairmaster and he help them grow to over 230 employees located at 4 separate plants, including a CNC machining plant, a fabrication “welding” plant, an assembly plant and a powder coating plant. The founders of Stair Master made an initial investment of $250,000 and sold the company to Nautilus with in five years for $50,000,000. Unfortunately, Terry never demanded an equity position in Stairmaster even though he was essential to the company’s success. So, when Stairmaster was sold he did not receive a big pay day for all of his design changes and hard work that were instrumental in their success.

Mr Scott capability of understanding complex mechanical and electrical systems is widely known amongst his piers. The PMEG is the “brain child” of Mr Scott and his brother Johnny Scott.

David M. Whitney, Co-Manager and Founder, has been a practicing attorney specializing in corporate law and oil and gas law for over thirty years. He has managed several oil and natural gas exploration, refining and equipment supply and manufacturing companies. Whitney’s primary focus is the development of capital structure and tax advantages.

Mr. Whitney was previously Chairman and CEO of Whitney Supply Company, formerly Rodman Supply Company until its sale to Texaco in 1979.  Whitney Supply Company was an oil field supply company with eight stores located in oil rich areas of Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Louisiana with over 100 employees providing valves, fittings, casing, tubing and other supplies for producing oil and gas properties and drilling rigs. For fifteen years after the sale of Whitney Supply Company, Mr. Whitney was the President and CEO of Cayman Resources Corp, a public oil and gas company that operated over 150 oil and gas wells, drilled 10 to 30 wells per year, and operated a small oil refinery in Oklahoma.

Mr. Whitney is currently President of Whitney Oil and Gas, Corp (WOG), and GeoAmerican Resources, Inc (GEO) which are both privately owned oil and natural gas exploration and production companies that own interest in over 50 oil and natural gas wells. (GEO is a bonded well operator) In addition Mr. Whitney owns a GBE Services Corp a CNC machining and manufacturing company that builds its own “Eagle” line of pipeline cleaning and taping equipment used in the oil and natural gas pipeline construction and repair business. GBE also builds specialty equipment, tooling and dies for local aerospace companies. GBE Services is building most of the components of the PMEG for Power Concepts.

Paul Flanders, Partner & Director of Business Development

Paul is a British Citizen, and has more than 30-years’ experience in international business. Prior to becoming a member of the Power Concepts team, Paul spent the past 3 ½ years working with Australian boutique banks S & A Capital and Blue Mount Capital, Perth, as US Agent Representative.  He knows his way around the international markets and secured client articles in Business Week, on CNN and many international industry journals. He has worked throughout the Middle East, Europe, North America, and handled international negotiations with global players such as Kia Motors in the Far East, and United Technologies. Paul was instrumental in the $40 Million Capital raise on the ASX for Laser Holdings, Australia, via their subsidiary International Robotic Systems, USA.


Paul has been working as consultant to Power Concepts for more than 5 years. He brings a background of finance, financial markets, marketing, international business, engineering, and creative design. He works closely with David Whitney and Terry Scott in guiding the company’s path forward. He has been instrumental in opening up the many market verticals and the key players within them as Power Concepts prepares to go global. He is currently vetting suitable candidate investment partners who have the capacity to meet the company’s short and long term financial needs. 

Co-Inventors: Terry & Jonny Scott

David M. Whitney,

Co-Manager and Founder

Paul Flanders, Partner,

Director of Business Development;

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