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Power Concepts, LLC.

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Power Concepts is the home of the PC-PMEG, the most disruptive, ground breaking "Permanent Magnet Electric Generator" to hit the market in decades. 

This revolutionary technology delivers a power output efficiency, currently unrivaled anywhere in the world market.  

The company’s first “go to market” product is the “PC-PMEG Welder”. This is a breakthrough in the portable power generation market and more specifically, the portable welding equipment sector.

The impressive power to size ratio of the patented technology, makes it well suited for all portable applications. 

The selection of the portable welding market as our natural initial target market, is based on the management’s long standing experience in the Oil and Gas and pipeline laying industries. 

Based on the company’s “patented” PC-PMEG electrical generator design, this allows for the most cost effective manufacturing, of a portable welding units that matches, and exceeds the output performance of much larger competitors units. It does so, at a far lower cost of operation, and at an enhanced level of operational performance, flexibility and accessibility. 

The combination of these two performance metrics creates an improvement in the $/hourly operating cost for any industry, along with a reduced capital investment. This unit also deliver’s a combined higher level of output, and welding performance all within restrictive environmental constraints. These kinds of welding requirements are common place in the Oil & Gas industry.  Power Concepts’ PMEG is perfectly suited to addressing these market needs and increases profitability.

Key Facts of the PC-PMEG Welder:

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Cooler Operating Temperature

  • Minimal Downtime (No Cooling Breaks Required)

  • Higher Quality Welds (Makes even a “mediocre welder” look good!)

  • 99% Plus Efficiency (100% Duty Cycle)

  • Output: @3,600 RPM = 81 VOLTS (3 Phase) from 30 up-to 300 AMPS = 24,600 Watts @ 100 Duty Cycle @ Full Load

  • Power: Honda 13HP GS390 Gasoline Engine (Actual HP=11.9)

  • Generator Type: Magnetic Field Generator (Brush-less, Bearing Free)

  • Portable: Total Weight: 112 Lbs.

  • Dimensions: 22” Wide X 24” High X 26” Long


  • Welding – Portable Self-Powered ARC welding equipment

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Driving PMEG Power

  • Magic Box - Self contained Portable Cooking Box

  • Power - Portable Power Generators

  • Automotive – Hybrid Power Train and Recharging Systems

  • Marine Industry _ Shipyards, marine construction

  • Aerospace – Aircraft battery recharge systems

  • Personal Power Packs: Gravity Light/Wind-Up Generators

  • NGO's - Power Supply Generators

  • Air to Water DeHumidifiers: Independent Power Supply for Self Sustaining Deployment 

  • Emergency Services Generators

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